About Skyline Cloud Services

Company Background

Since 2007, SKYLINE has provided the same sophisticated cloud solutions utilized by the Fortune 50 to the world's most discerning clients—Small Business Owners—giving them the same uptime, security and flexibility, at the same low costs enterprise companies demand. We've played a direct role in the industry's best-practices governing the handling of confidential, time-sensitive and valuable data. SKYLINE serves Small Business of all sizes from one-man shows to big groups aggregations—franchises and industry trade groups—with technology sized to fit.

SKYLINE allows the flexibility of using software that a company already owns, or as an optional and cost-effective lease from SKYLINE. Productivity is assured because the workspace is completely supported and constantly available, with a technician always just a call or email away. Thousands of employees at businesses worldwide perform their day-to-day work on The SKYLINE platform is housed in a Tier 3 facility and mirrored along their network according to SSAE 16 certification standards. SKYLINE has multiple internet carriers, sophisticated failover capabilities, and network security that confounds the blackest of hats. We provide multilingual support by vetted technicians, engineers and software experts, and our Rainmaker Partners are in every state in the union, and they are brought in to assist clients with their business process. SKYLINE is reliable: when fierce storms—Irene and Sandy—pounded the Eastern Seaboard and took out nearly every data center from Virginia to Maine, SKYLINE's clients kept working, throughout the storms and their aftermaths. Our engineers and 24x7 Network Operations Center supported them all with secure, discrete workspaces accessible from any Internet-accessible computer, mobile phone or smart device.

Management Team

Patrick Carlile

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Carlile is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Blue Diamond Solutions. Patrick's vision in his role as CEO is to lead Blue Diamond in industry involvement, brand management, sales, and business development. Prior to Blue Diamond, Carlile, co-founded All Business Solutions (ABS), a full-service network and computer solutions integrator, providing custom voice, data and hardware setups for all types of business. Throughout his career, Carlile has held a series of increasingly responsible senior management positions; Carlile has successfully built out sales teams, overseen back office infrastructure and operations, and managed successful projects overseeing $40 million in Telecom and IT revenue. Previously, Carlile worked as a Senior Executive of Sales at Sprint, achieving organization sales records. Carlile holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Dan Fasano

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Fasano is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer at Blue Diamond Solutions. As CFO of Blue Diamond, Fasano is responsible for the company's financials, investor relations, and mergers and plays a key role in developing the company's business strategy.

Prior to co-founding Blue Diamond Solutions, Fasano began his career as proprietor of Enviro-Safety, Inc. Soon after, Fasano joined Bell Atlantic as a Senior Account Executive, moving to opportunity at Sprint as a Sales Account Executive. Fasano rose steadily through the telecom industry's professional ranks at XO Communications and Telergy Mid-Atlantic. In July of 2000, Fasano and Patrick Carlile established All Business Solutions (ABS). As President of All Business Solutions, Fasano focuses on creating innovative, strategic and cost-effective service with unmatched reliability for small and medium sized businesses.

Fasano holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from Saint Peter's College.

Case Studies

Like clouds in the sky, Small Business comes in all shapes and sizes, and SKYLINE delivers the solutions to make them successful. Get Above the Cloud.


A North American Aeronautics Parts supplier with locations in the United States and Canada requires a method of keeping track of their 35,000+ inventory items to FAA standards. SKYLINE implemented Canadian and US QuickBooks for them. SKYLINE also used their SQL based inventory tracking application.

Catholic Diocese

A Catholic Diocese in the southern United States needed to consolidate financial reporting for their Parishes and Schools, each a separate 501c3 corporation. SKYLINE delivered a multi-unit solution similar to that used by franchises, that gave the diocese an omnipotent view of the financial dealings of their flock.

National Sandwich Franchise

A national franchisor of sandwich shops requires a light-weight, low cost methodology to access and sync financial data in low bandwidth locations for thousands of locations. SKYLINE deployed a solution that met the clients low bandwidth requirements without detracting from the features enjoyed by franchises in "wired" regions—all that and a bag of chips!

Gas Stations & Convenience Store Franchise

A national franchise gas and convenience store needed local integration with their nation POS. SKYLINE deployed QuickBooks with the clients POS.

Senior Care/Assisted Living

A senior assisted living franchise need a way to manage employee hours on a national scale at each location and when employees are in the field. SKYLINE deployed the time tracking software in conjunction with QuickBooks. SKYLINE has assisted the client in expanded their franchise to 80+ locations with more accurate time keeping.

Global Relief Organization

A U.S. based relief organization with offices across the globe required an accounting solution available 24-7, with Spanish language technical support. SKYLINE configured a deployment of QuickBooks that allowed the organization to comply with regulations in the U.S. and their host nations

A Foreign Government

The government of a Caribbean neighbor needed a way for their various agencies and municipalities to do their accounting that gave the Finance Minister roll-up capability. SKYLINE set-up a great solution, that didn't impact their GDP.

Proprietary Franchise Software Delivery

An award-winning practitioner of best-practices in franchise management struggled with the delivery of a proprietary CRM software to franchisees.

SKYLINE recognized that designing a software solution that works consistently across a wide array of computer models of varying ages and processing power was nearly impossible, so removing the data and it's manipulation to a robust platform was key to success. SKYLINE designed a solution that allowed each franchisee discreet, private and secure access to their franchise data via a Remote Desktop account located in our SSAE-16 data centers.


SKYLINE Cloud Services partners with hundreds of companies, consultancies and Subject Matter Experts (SME), to further empower our clients. Through their products and expertise, our partners improve and refine Small Business processes and workflow across industries and geographic boundaries.

Rainmaker Program

The SKYLINE Rainmaker Program enables Professional Service Organizations, Consultancies, and Subject Matter Experts to earn ongoing revenue by offering our leading application hosting solutions to customers, partners and subscribers. The Rainmaker Program is a perfect fit for IT service providers and resellers seeking a comprehensive and leading-edge cloud solution for their catalog of services. In addition to compensating for inbound business, SKYLINE regularly refers business to Rainmakers based on geography and specialization.

SKYLINE is dedicated to helping partners capture new opportunity and revenue through cloud integration, and to weather a wide range of market and technology shifts. If you are interested in becoming a SKYLINE Rainmaker, click here.

Current Rainmaker Partners


Location: North Carolina www.completebusinessgroup.com

Complete Business Group, we are the QuickBooks Solutions People. As QuickBooks product experts with over 25 years of experience, we provide the best prices of Intuit based solutions. We have a national network of support consultants for on-site support or specialized industry expertise needs.

KJ Tax & Accounting

Location: Wisconsin www.kjtaxcpa.com

KJ Tax & Accounting is a well seasoned CPA firm, offering clients exceptional business value with online Intuit solutions! We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior professional, personalized services in the wide range of tax, accounting, financial, and business worlds. Tax and accounting done with the utmost knowledge, integrity, trust, passion, and security - that's what we are all about. Our website includes our full list of services with tools such as tax publications, financial calculators, news, and links to our proud partner sites. Whether you are an individual or business, KJ Tax & Accounting, LLC has over 90 combined years of extensive knowledge and experience assisting people with their ever changing needs in a complex dynamic economy.

MB Raimondi, CPA

Location: Connecticut www.mbraimondicpa.com

Our goal is to help you get your QuickBooks file running so that the input is as simple/easy as possible yet still give you the reports you need to manage your business effectively. We don't want your accounting system to take you hostage! If you need more than QuickBooks offers, we will help you find the right 3rd party application that integrates with QuickBooks. We work extensively with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Software Vendors

With this solution, you send the iPad print job to your computer, which then sends it to the connected printer. You install a software program on your computer that processes the print job sent from your iPad. Here are three such programs:

Franchisor Services

Here are three apps that support printing from your iPad to wireless printers. The printer must be on the same wireless network as the iPad. These apps can also connect to printers attached to your computer. The computer shares connected printers with the iPad through a helper application.

ReSeller Program

Reseller stuff here.


April 15, 2016

Blue Diamond Solutions, LLC. Acquires SKYLINE Cloud Services

Blue Diamond Solutions, LLC. (www.bluediamondcloud.com) , an Information Technology and Managed Services Provider located in Pine Brook, New Jersey, has acquired the SMB Desktop as a Service division of Uni-Data & Communications, Inc., SKYLINE Cloud Services (www.SKYLINECloudServices.com).

"We're very enthusiastic about the opportunities that our purchase of SKYLINE brings," said Blue Diamond Solutions CEO Patrick Carlile "we've long utilized the Cloud as a conduit for our clients, and SKYLINE's specialization in Desktop-as a-Service and application hosting expands our capabilities, while their position as a leading Intuit Authorized Commercial Host brings the entirety of the Intuit QuickBooks suite of software to our clients' and Partners disposal."

"SKYLINE has developed a unique turn-key ecommerce delivery of virtual workspaces and software for SMB—go to our website, plug-in your staff's names and emails, punch in what software they need, give us your credit card and—BAM—each person gets an email with their login info and their software and storage ready to go," says SKYLINE Senior VP Bob Babcock, who brokered the sale "by joining SKYLINE's delivery capability with Blue Diamond Solutions, not only will sales explode—together we enjoy a network of over one-thousand enrolled Agents, Partners and Affiliates—but our ability to deliver additional services—from bandwidth and VoIP to Network Managed Services—is greatly enhanced, and this means more opportunity for our clients and partners to grow their businesses."

The combined company's 10,000+ clients stand to benefit. "With the acquisition, we're taking the opportunity to refresh the hosting environment across the board. SKYLINE's rapid growth demands a scalable environment that keeps pace with improvements in technology," says Blue Diamond Solutions CFO Dan Fasano "the network improvements scheduled will reduce latency, streamline access, and improve User Experience. We've also slated a number of new software offerings and features that help clients meet emerging compliance and security requirements."

SKYLINE Cloud Services was launched by Bob Babcock at Uni-Data & Communications, Inc. in 2007 to meet the rising demand of SMB for application hosting and datacenter services previously available only to the Enterprise. SKYLINE was a pilot member of Intuit's Commercial Hosting Program and the Intuit Franchise Program, and supports some of the biggest aggregations of SMB on the Cloud today.

Blue Diamond Solutions, Inc. (BDS) is a Managed Cloud Hosting Services Provider founded in 2000 by partners Patrick Carlile and Dan Fasano, specializing in proactive management of desktop and network infrastructure. BDS provides comprehensive and cutting edge Information Technology solutions on demand that solve the business challenges that impede progress and stifle growth. SKYLINE is the first acquisition for BDS in an ongoing effort to acquire exciting and influential managed services solutions.


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