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SKYLINE Cloud Services hosts many software titles, plugins and connectors to web-based services for our business customers. All solutions (and any others you may bring to us for hosting) are available on our Build Your Own Cloud custom services, or may be eligible for delivery on one of our PowerStations. Many QuickBooks related plugins are available on our QuickBooks Public Cloud.

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  1. Field Service Management for QuickBooks Enterprise

    Connect your office and service technicians so you can schedule more jobs and get paid faster.

    • Schedule Efficiently with GPS and Mapping
    • Track Inventory Used by Technician or Truck
    • Industry Templates to Match Your Processes
    • Service agreements help you schedule PMs efficiently
  2. FieldAware

    FieldAware integrates with your existing accounting system like Quickbooks to ensure all data is taken into consideration for job allocations and metrics generation.

    • Measure technician efficiency and productivity
    • Monitor job status and revenue generation
    • Track customer sign-offs, job closure, technician locations, optimized routes, etc.
    • Keep technicians on track and allocate jobs on the move
  3. Finale Inventory

    Finale Inventory
  4. Fireline Dispatch

    Fireline Dispatch
  5. Fishbowl Inventory

    #1 QuickBooks inventory management add-on

    • walks you through the steps to successfully import and export your data
    • saves many hours of work and ensures your records are accurate.
    • has access to key information that allows it to remain fully compatible with each new version of QuickBooks.
  6. Fishbowl Manufacturing

    adding the functionality QuickBooks lacks so you can effectively manage your inventory

    • Automatically create invoices and packing lists
    • Eliminate double data entry.
    • Improve data accuracy by scanning barcodes instead of typing product information.
    • Save time and money by simplifying complex tasks!
  7. Fixed Asset Manager for QB

    Tight integration with QuickBooks data. A detailed, customizable asset entry screen. Six depreciation bases (Book, State, Federal, Other, AMT, ACE). Projected depreciation calculations.
  8. FleetMatics QB Plugin

    Fleetmatics WORK integrates with popular accounting packages, so you only have to enter the information once within our system and it’s automatically populated in your accounting program.
  9. Foxit PDF

    Foxit Reader is a small, lightning fast, and feature rich PDF viewer which allows you to create, open, view, sign, and print any PDF file.

    • Share PDF through Email - Save and email straight from the application.
    • PDF Attachments - Easily add a file as an attachment to your document.
    • PDF Form Auto-Complete - Helps users when completing forms by predicting what they want to type.
    • Microsoft Office PDF Create Integration - create PDF within Microsoft Office applications with integrated Microsoft Office plug-ins.
  10. GC Former

    GC Former hosted check printing software for QB
  11. Generations Homecare Online sync

    a complete scheduling and data management system of best practices for agencies providing non-skilled home care services.

    • Streamlines all operational aspects of your business
    • Reduce administrative costs and have more time to spend working on your business instead of in your business.
    • Takes the complexity and stress out of running a home care agency by providing you with a system that reduces administrative workload, eliminates potential errors, and allows you to grow your business.
    • Perfect for startup agencies as well as agencies with multiple locations.
  12. GMS Wildlife Management Software

    GMS is a two-time winner of the Wildlife Industry Leadership & Development (W.I.L.D.) Awards for Most Innovative Technology. GMS software is considered by most industry experts to be the most user-friendly game management software on the market today
  13. Google Apps Sync

    support for Google Apps Sync on your hosted solution requires powerstation or custom delivery - Build Your Own Cloud
  14. Halliburton: Landmark Software - COMPASS

    -Landmark Software - COMPASS

      premier application for directional well path planning, survey data management, and anti-collision analysis enabling engineers to steer the bit into the profitable pay zone.

  15. HandiFox

    One time setup connection with QuickBooks helps connect each aspect of your business in order to manage inventory in the most efficient to automate the sales and supply chain pipeline administration and have a more comprehensive control over their inventory using mobile inventory management systems with a distinct advantage over their competition as they able to focus on other aspects of their business, knowing inventory is under control.
  16. Handshake QuickBooks plugin (uses Boomi Atom)

    Handshake offers an out of the box integration for Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online. When integrated your customer data, product data, and order data seamlessly flows between Handshake and Quickbooks.
  17. HMIS for Windows

    HMIS Cemetery Software is the largest supplier of cemetery and mortuary administration and management software in North America - now part of Batesville Technology.

  18. Implantbase Integration Tool

    Implantbase Integration Tool
  19. InstantAccept QuickBooks plugin

    What You Can Expect from InstantAccept™: Manage the storefront and POS with one screen Accept any payment type from multiple store locations, web sites, and mobile devices Eliminate rekeying transactions Record payments as they are processed Protect core business data and customer data
  20. Intacct QB plugin

    available with Powerstation or Build Your Own Cloud
  21. Intercompany Transfer Utility

    Easily transfer Intercompany charges from a Parent company to its Subsidiaries. With a few mouse clicks, ITU will export Intercompany charges from the Parent's QuickBooks file and and import them into each Subsidiaries QuickBooks file. ITU automatically opens and closes each Subsidiary's QuickBooks file and post the charges to the appropriate expense account with an offset to the subsidiaries intercompany account. ITU can transfer charges to an unlimited number of subsidiaries.

  22. itDuzzit

    itDuzzit lets companies integrate their cloud applications with one of itDuzzit's pre-built connectors, allowing them to easily do work between the applications without using code.
  23. Journyx accountlink for QB hosted

    Find out how Journyx will help grow your bottom line.

    • Bi-directional data integration ensures ease of data setup and accessibility
    • Run cost/profit analysis on a per-person basis to determine where resources should be allocated
    • Use detailed time and expense data to automate project costing, payroll, billing, expense reimbursement, and more
    • Automated transfer processes eliminate double entry and common input errors
  24. Kaleida Systems eRSP Home Care QB plugin

    eRSP™ is the industry leading, Cloud based, home care software featuring; client management, scheduling, billing, and payroll solutions that are easily tailored for Companion Care, Special Needs, Assisted Living, and Skilled Care Services
  25. Latham Payclock QB Plugin

    PayClock Online is web-based time clock software so you have the ability to manage employee time and attendance from any location and at any time. Capture, edit and seamlessly integrate your workforce time and attendance data into payroll systems such as ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, etc., when it is convenient and from anywhere

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