Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Here is where you will find some of the solutions Skyline hosts for business customers just like you. Pricing is for hosting application titles only unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Act! CRM

    Act! CRM Premium and Premium Workgroup editions hosted
  2. Cloud Link Maestro

    Link Maestro, an ETL tool, seamlessly integrates many popular ERP and accounting systems with Budget Maestro, to fully automate the bi-directional exchange of financial information between the systems. Link Maestro provides pre-built connectors for applications such as MS Dynamics GP, Sage, SYSPRO
  3. ConnectWise Internet Client and QuickBooks plugin

    Clear lines of communication, error-proof ticketing, powerful documentation. ConnectWise Manage delivers it all, so you have the power to efficiently use your resources. Capture and track every step, maximize visibility, and establish workflows so you can deliver exceptional customer service.
  4. DemandForce QuickBooks sync

    Demandforce, Inc., a leading online marketing and communication software service from Intuit Inc. Striving to help local businesses thrive in the Internet economy using email communications, text messaging and online services.
  5. Finale Inventory

    Finale Inventory
  6. Fireline Dispatch

    Fireline Dispatch
  7. Handshake QuickBooks plugin (uses Boomi Atom)

    Handshake offers an out of the box integration for Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online. When integrated your customer data, product data, and order data seamlessly flows between Handshake and Quickbooks.
  8. Implantbase Integration Tool

    Implantbase Integration Tool
  9. method integration plugin for QB hosted

    Bulletproof QuickBooks Integration

    • Single-click QuickBooks integration.
    • As you add customers, modify invoices, or delete time tracking entries, Method's patented, industry-leading sync technology instantly updates QuickBooks.
    • All your customers, vendors, employees, items, and other QuickBooks lists are accessible in Method.
    • View, add and edit virtually every QuickBooks transaction.
  10. Microsoft Dynamics CRM - legacy

    available with Build Your Own Cloud
  11. OfficeTools Pro

    Eliminate double-entry entirely

      The QuickBooks Integration allows for exporting of all stages of billing to the QuickBooks program. All time, invoices, and payments can be exported into QuickBooks for general ledger purposes or regular billing functions.Contact information can be updated and time can be exported for payroll purposes on top of the billing functionality so this tool really keeps these two programs harmonious and keeps all financial information for your firm at your fingertips.

  12. Oildex OpenInvoice

    Oildex OpenInvoice
  13. PCLaw

    PCLaw 11 and QuickBooks - To Link or Not To Link?

      Take advantage of the legal-specific billing and trust accounting capabilities of PCLaw, along with the advantages of tax submission contained in QuickBooks. Data is entered into PCLaw and is seamlessly integrated into QuickBooks.

  14. QuoteWerks

    How will QuoteWerks complement QuickBooks?

    • QuoteWerks supports 9 different pricing methods
    • Compare prices across vendors
    • More control over each item in the quote
    • Don't clutter QuickBooks with items you didn't sell
  15. Results Mobile Enterprise desktop app

    Results means getting better customer and financial information

    • Full web access with web/mobile service
    • Picture & Signature Capturing
    • Assure accuracy by automating the pipeline
    • Quickly respond to client questions or concerns
  16. Integrating a CRM with QuickBooks can not only save a business valuable time but can also streamline workflow with automation, generate revenue through up-sell opportunities and improve business relationships by providing visibility into client and vendor information to all staff. Hosted Results CRM does not include web/mobile features - get the Results Mobile Enterprise Starter for that
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  • Salesforce for QuickBooks

    available with Powerstation or Build Your Own Cloud
  • SalesPad

    available with Powerstation or Build Your Own Cloud and may required MS SQL licensing
  • ScaleSoft Quickbooks Connector

    ScaleSoft Quickbooks Connector
  • Service Fusion QuickBooks Plugin

    Service Fusion QuickBooks Plugin
  • SingleOps QB Sync

    SingleOps QB Sync
  • TurboTax® For Businesses 2017

    TurboTax® For Businesses 2017
  • TurboTax® For Businesses 2018

    TurboTax® For Businesses 2018
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