GC Former for QB

GCFormer overlays true one-step MICR checks on blank safety paper at QuickBooks print time. Unlimited companies and checking accounts. 

More Details

When you print within QuickBooks, GCFormer monitors the content of your print job, and overlays the appropriate GCFormer Account Record information as needed.

In normal operation, you never leave the QuickBooks context, and one small dialog is presented to you to verify the company and account information, as well as the check number. Checks and deposit slips can be printed one at a time, or in batch.

Unlike some of our competitors, there is no need to disable Windows' UAC safety feature, and there is no need to enter "validation codes", and there is no need to select a printer driver at check printing time, or at any time. And GCFormer works with just about any laser printer that handles MICR ink.

The GCFormer application is used to maintain a database of GCFormer Account Records. These Records are encrypted and password protected, and include AP and PR check and deposit slip data for multiple companies and accounts, including the next check number, and check limits, and signature and logo graphics file names.

GCFormer creates a set of four Log Files that can be sent via FTP along with a message to us with one click of your mouse button. The functional information contained in the Log Files makes it easy for us to support you. And someone who can solve your problem will answer the phone.

We also have a Networked Version and a Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) Version of GCFormer starting at $495.00. They are great for multi-user configurations of QuickBooks and Cloud Computing. And, Z-Fold format is available for high volume pressure seal middle checks


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