Compare Versions and Years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Pro, Premier & QuickBooks Online.

Desktop Enterprise
Desktop Premier
Desktop Pro
Online Plus

Private SKYLINE Remote Desktop for all of your business files
(Special Pricing: $47/mo.)

•   •   •   Not Compatible
Monthly License Subscription $65/month $21.50/month $17.10/month $40/month
Maximum number of simultaneous users. Available in 1-10 or 30 users Up to 5 Up to 3 Up to 5
Bring Your Own License $5 per User $5 per User $5 per User  
Track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments. •   •   •   •  
Accept credit card payments right in QuickBooks. •   •   •   •  
Access to product experts, unlimited technical support, and upgrades. •   •   •   •  
Online backup and protection of your QuickBooks data. •   •   •   •  
Anywhere, anytime, on any device access. •   •   •   •  
Invoice multiple customers at once with Batch Invoicing. •   •   •   •  
Set individual user permissions to control access to sensitive information. Up to 115 different activities •   •   •  
Create customized financial reports with Intuit Statement Writer. •   Accountant Edition Accountant Edition  
Track fixed assets such as computers and other office equipment with Fixed Asset Manager. •   Accountant Edition Accountant Edition •  
Work in two company files at the same time. •        
Expanded list limits allows you to track 100,000+ customers, vendors and inventory items and employees. 100,000+      
Leverage 14 predefined user roles to help you set up new users quickly. •        
Complete more activities in multi-user mode. •   •   •   •  
One-click financial, sales & tax reports. 150+
Industry Specific
Industry Specific
100+ 65+
Import data from Excel, Quicken, Microsoft Office Accounting & prior QuickBooks versions. •   •   •   Excel & QuickBooks
Download or import your bank & credit transactions into QuickBooks. •   •   •   •  
Get a consolidated view into your business with Company Snapshot. •   •   •   •  
Industry-specific reports, sample files, menus & chart of accounts. •   •   •   Limited
See all your key customer information at a glance with the Customer Snapshot. •   •   •    
Track international sales & expenses in multiple currencies. •   •      
Forecast sales & expenses. Easily create a business plan. •   •      
Access all of your QuickBooks data to create any report you need with Advanced Reporting.13 •        
Consolidate reports from multiple company files. •        
Create custom reports with ODBC-compliant applications using a direct connection to the QuickBooks database. •        
Track & manage inventory & create purchase orders. •   •   •   •  
Set and manage inventory reorder points. •   •   •    
Easily find and locate inventory tasks all in one place with the Inventory Center. Attach Inventory Images •     •  
Manage inventory using bin location tracking, bar code scanning, serial number or lot tracking, FIFO costing and multiple location inventory.16 •        
Control, customize and automate your pricing right inside QuickBooks. •        

Key Feature





Smart Search - Save time with faster searching. Begin typing a name and QB automatically fills in the rest. New!
Reports filters - Now one click is all it takes to see which filters have been applied to a report. New!
Automated Reports in Single User mode(*) - Set up and schedule customized reports.  -- (*) Scheduled reports is not available in Multi-User mode, in hosted deployments, or when there are multiple versions of QuickBooks 2017 installed. New!
Improved Multi-User experience - QuickBooks 2017 makes it easier than ever to work with multiple users. New!
Remind users of undeposited funds - Clearly see what deposits require action with a new badge. New!
Deleted user names continue to appear in audit reports - Track transactions by deleted users with better accuracy. New!
Vendor and Customer Type filter - Find the information you need faster with the ability to filter by vendor type and customer type. New!
Cleared Flag on credit card charges - Easily see if a credit card charge is reconciled. New!
Copy and paste in time sheets - Save time when entering time sheet information by copying and pasting data from one line to the next.  New!
Support for higher resolution monitors - Make QB comfortable and delightful on higher resolution computers. New!
New “Bill Tracker” – Allows you to see important details about the “money out” side of your business. •   •  
Improved verify and rebuild process – Better information in an easier-to-read format. •   •  
Bulk clear of Send Forms window – Clear out any and all e-mail forms that are still sitting to be sent. •   •  
Auto copy of ship-to address on purchase orders – No need to manually type in your customer address when creating a PO. •   •  
Filter for custom fields in item-based reports – These filters now work properly. •   •   •  
Continuous label feed printer support – Allows for printing from Zebra compatible printers. •   •   •  
E-invoicing – Get paid electronically via a link in your invoices (separate fees apply). •   •   •  
Add the customer PO number to the Customer Center – A highly requested feature to tie the customer PO to the sales order and/or invoice. •   •   •  
Select specific lines when converting from sales order to invoice – A new “check box” simplifies this process for you. •   •   •  
New “Insights” tab on the Home Page – Key financial metrics in a cleaner, easier-to-use screen than the Company Snapshot (which is still included). •   •   •  
New “Time and Expenses” tab within the Income Tracker – Quickly see time and/or expenses that have not been billed to a customer. •   •   •  
Pin a “master note” for customers, vendors or items – Prominently see this “master note” in the upper portion of the customer, vendor or inventory centers.  •   •   •  
Send multiple reports in a single e-mail – Another highly requested feature to enhance productivity. •   •  
“Flags” on billable time and costs – Quickly see how many entries are in each of the time, expenses, mileage and items tabs when billing for time/costs. •   •  
Update to Reminders window – A much cleaner look to this area of QuickBooks. •   •  
Warning when inactivating items with quantity on hand – Nice new feature that alerts you to this so you can zero out the quantity first. •   •   •   •  
Estimates automatically closed when invoiced – No more need to manually mark your estimates as closed with this new feature. •   •   •   •  
Easier to read reports on–screen – Shading and other visual cues to improve readability. •   •   •   •  
Add comments directly to reports – A great way to quickly and easily share thoughts and insights directly inside the report. •   •   •   •  
Report filters are now sorted alphabetically and searchable – Finally! •   •   •   •  
Add Manufacturers Part Number (MPN) to sales transactions – Finally! •   •   •   •  
Add “Other1” and “Other2” to reports – You can now integrate data from these fields into various transaction detail reports. •   •   •   •  
Kick users out – Now you can boot a user, even if they are in the middle of a transaction. •   •   •   •  
Maintenance alerts and other notifications – Now these are displayed right on the home screen for easy reference. •   •   •   •  
Customize the “view balances” area of the home screen – Add or remove accounts to this area as you prefer.  •   •   •  
E-mail tracking – The Customer Center now tracks all sent e-mails so you have a record of them. •   •   •  
Send a customer payment receipt via e-mail – Many businesses have been asking for this. •   •   •  
Tag sales reps to jobs, not just customers •   •   •  
Filter many reports by job status – See reports by open, in process, closed and other status levels. •   •   •  
Copy and paste entire lines, not just fields within a line •   •   •   •  
Online Banking is now called Bank Feeds – See the improvements to streamline the flow of bank and credit card information into your QuickBooks. •   •   •  
New “income tracker” replaces the collections center – See unbilled and unpaid balances at a glance. •   •   •   •  
Create multiple e-mail templates for each form you send (invoices, quotes, etc.) •   •   •   •  
Attach additional documents to web mail based e-mails – Include drawings, pictures and any other type of digital document you like. •   •   •   •  
Auto suggestions provided as you search for information – Find information faster in QuickBooks. •   •   •   •  
Print Vendor Bills – Now it is easy to print the bill screen just as you enter it. •   •   •   •  
Bill Credits Print on Check Stubs and Bill Payment Stubs – Finally! •   •   •   •  
Improved Navigation – Simplified and improved navigation helps you get to the information you need, more quickly and easily. •   •   •   •  
Centers Customization - Expanded contact information fields in the Employee, Customer and Vendor Centers are now more customizable, allowing up to 8 contact fields and multiple notes per contact.  •   •   •   •  
Ribbon and Layout Updates – Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders and other forms now have a simplified layout, providing easier access to actions that were previously hidden or required several clicks to execute. •   •   •   •  
Lead Center – Manage leads/prospects in QuickBooks before they become customers. •   •   •   •  
Inventory Center – Built just like the customer and vendor centers, but for inventory and inventory assembly items. •   •   •   •  
QuickBooks Calendar – Calendar-like view of important and overdue transactions, and tasks that need to be done. •   •   •   •  
Batch invoicing for time and expenses – Reduces the time spent invoicing your customers. •   •   •   •  
Batch timesheet creation – Batch capability for entering the same timesheet information for multiple employees or vendors. •   •   •   •  
Simplified Excel integration – Update data in existing Excel worksheets and preserve formulas and formats. •   •   •   •  
Batch Invoicing – Create a template once and invoice many customers at once. •   •   •   •  
Customer Snapshot – Allows users to quickly prioritize customers. •   •   •   •  
Easy Access to Information – Convenient access to customer or vendor balances and transaction history. •   •   •   •  
Collection Center – Stay on top of receivables and email collection notices.  •   •   •   •  
Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail – Send invoices and estimates right from business Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail account. •   •   •   •  
Vendor Remittance Addresses – Keep track of these addresses with a convenient new field. •   •   •   •  
Paid Date Stamp – Mark which invoices have been paid with the Paid Date stamp. •   •   •   •  
Document Management – Attach files of any type to the appropriate QuickBooks record (names, items, accounts, etc.). •   •   •   •  
Rapid List Entry – Allows users to enter, edit and save multiple list items (customer, vendor, etc.) all in one table. •   •   •   •  
Favorites Menu – Users can configure this menu to centralize favorite, commonly-used and hard-to-find menu items. •   •   •   •  
Check Signatures – Electronically print signatures on checks and paychecks from signature image files. •   •   •   •  
Electronic Check Processing – Check scanning service offering through QuickBooks Merchant Service accounts. •   •   •   •  
Forms Customization – Easier and faster to make QuickBooks forms looks more professional. •   •   •   •  
Company Snapshot – Allows users to customize what widgets they want to see and provides additional widgets for insight into the business. •   •   •   •  
Condense/Archive – Improved logic to more reliably reduce the amount of data in the company file. •   •   •   •  
Quick Filter – Save time with customer, vendor and item lists – find information quickly. •   •   •   •  
E-mail directly from QuickBooks using Outlook •   •   •   •  
Multiple unit of measure feature – Easily handles the need to purchase in one unit and sell in another. •   •   •   •  
Track international sales and expenses with multiple currency support  •   •   •   •  
Dashboard – Get a real-time snapshot of your business in one central location.  •   •   •   •  
Backup Data in Multi-User Mode – Allows others to work while you back up the data. •   •   •   •  
QuickBooks Messenger – Instantly communicate with others using your QuickBooks file. •   •   •   •  
Instant View  – See any customer balance, transaction history and contact information in the Customer Center. •   •   •   •  
View your balance with any vendor  – See a list of POs, bills, and payments in the Vendor Center. •   •   •   •  
Upgrade data from prior versions of QuickBooks •   •   •   •  
Batch void/delete transactions – Bulk delete or void of select transactions in QB. Admin account only.  Enterprise Only Enterprise Only    
Enterprise Only Sort on various columnsin receive payment screen – Simplify the payment posting process. Enterprise Only Enterprise Only    
Enterprise Only Improvements in Advanced Reporting user interface – Drag and drop capabilities in certain areas.  Enterprise Only Enterprise Only    
Don’t allow items to ship negative to create negative on-hand balances – This is probably one of the most desired enhancements to QuickBooks in over a decade. Enterprise Only Enterprise Only    
Disallow selling to clients that have overdue balances – You may or may not like the implementation of this new feature. Enterprise Only Enterprise Only    
Full access to new Advanced Reporting module – Build your own reports with this new feature in Enterprise.  Enterprise Only Enterprise Only Enterprise Only Enterprise Only
See costs on sales forms – Compare your selling prices to item cost field (not the average cost field) when creating estimates, sales orders or invoices. Enterprise Only Enterprise Only Enterprise Only Enterprise Only
Negative item list and assembly shortage reports – Quickly and easily see which items have negative on hand values or where shortages exist for assemblies. Enterprise Only Enterprise Only Enterprise Only Enterprise Only
Add totals to most columns on forms – Need a total quantity of items shipped? Need a total of some custom field on an invoice? Now you can with the additional checkboxes for subtotal items. Enterprise Only Enterprise Only Enterprise Only Enterprise Only