Software Picks for Entrepreneurs

Accounting rock star Dawn Brolin seen on MSNBC, CNN, Fox Business, and many other media outlets.

What’s black and white with a scoop of hilarity and a dash of rockstar energy? Moi (the hilarity and rockstar) crunching your numbers (the black and white) to make your business a fine-tuned, money-making machine. You won’t find that stereotypical, boring accounting process with this gal. I was born with this innate ability to make accounting fun, useful, and rewarding – just ask my mom. She said I popped out with an abacus and a laugh track – I made that ER a cash cow by the time I was 5 hours old! I find that when speaking in front of accountants, business owners, managers, etc., I have an ability to entertain while educating. This is one of my greatest speaking characteristics and features. It’s important to make topics interesting whether it is about accounting, growing a business, or a simple success story. Of all the gin joints – why did I choose QuickBooks and number crunching? Can you believe that I’m an accountant AND I love being with people? I know, I know, crazy combo, but here’s why… Because of the great lessons imparted by my parents, one of my core value beliefs is to leave people better than I found them. When I come across people while in the business world who are “out for themselves”, “out to only make money”, or simply don’t treat people with mutual respect, I intentionally separate myself from them. I’ve worked hard to get here so I might was well share!

Below are the software titles and online tools that I've found successful at making the my Entrepreneur clients successful. They help my clients stay lean, ahead of the market, and on top of their businesses.