Frequently Asked Questions

Some detailed answers to basic questions about SKYLINE Cloud Services, our Application Hosting, our QuickBooks Hosting, and how to use them.


How do I reach Support?

Ways to reach us:

via Phone: 646-759-7468*
via Email:
via Form: Client Services Support Form

*At any time, press any key to exit call queue and leave a voicemail.

When is Technical Support Available?

Client Services Support Desk Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8AM-11PM ET

Closed:New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Weekend (Thurs. & Fri.), Christmas Day

How quickly can I expect a response from Support?

E-Mail acknowledgement within 30 minutes; solution times vary by complexity; email follow-up within 24 hours. All support requests (live, email, form, voicemail) will be addressed in the order in which they are received.


How long has SKYLINE Cloud Services been around?

SKYLINE Cloud Services was founded at a company called Uni-Data, way back in 2008, before anyone even called it The Cloud. Back then, we specialized almost exclusively in franchises, and were known as "The Brains behind The Best Networks". The division was rebranded SKYLINE Cloud Services in 2013, and sold to Blue Diamond Solutions in April 2016.

What sets you apart from other hosting providers?

Aside from the dashing good looks of our founders, there are a few things that set SKYLINE CLoud Services apart from other hosting providers.

QuickBooks Hosting Questions

How many company files am I allowed to have within QuickBooks?

SKYLINE does not charge extra for the number of company files you choose to host. You are allowed to host as many files as your QuickBooks version will allow.

Do I have access to QuickBooks Payroll?

Yes. SKYLINE has no additonal charge for bringing QB Payroll to the cloud, but you must first purchase it from Intuit. They will then provide you with a code that you enter into QuickBooks while in our hosted environment, giving you access to Payroll Services.

I want to use 3rd party application to integrate with QuickBooks but don’t see it on your site. Can I request to host one? What is the process/set-up for this?

Yes you can. By emailing us, you can verify if we have previously hosted the application. If we have not, we can test it to ensure functionality on the SKYLINE platform.

Do I need to have a license number/ own QuickBooks to use your service?

No. One advantage of hosting is that you do not have to buy the box version of QuickBooks. In addition to hosting, we can lease Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise to you.

Do I get free upgrades when I lease?

Yes. One advantage of leasing with SKYLINE is that customers are able to upgrade, upon request, to the latest version of QuickBooks for free.

I have purchased 1 user account, can multiple users access it at the same time?

No. Only 1 user can have access to the remote desktop connection at a time. If you would like multiple users to have concurrent access, then you will need to purchase multiple users.

When logging into SKYLINE’s platform, I receive a message for QuickBooks updates with the options: “Install Now” or “Install Later.” What should I do? And why is this happening?

Please select the option to “Install Later”. Updates are completed and pushed out by SKYLINE for accounts within a 2 week period of this message. When the updates are completed, the message will no longer appear.

Is there a difference between my SKYLINE login and my QuickBooks login?

Yes, your SKYLINE login is the Username and Password you received in an email from our Helpdesk upon creating your account.

After logging into the platform, I click on my company file and the QuickBooks Login appears. How can I retrieve this information if I can’t remember my password or am locked out?

If you forgot your QuickBooks login password, selecting the “forgot password” link will send you steps for resetting your password to the email address you have provided. If you are locked out of your QuickBooks login, please contact Intuit (QuickBooks Customer Support 888.859.4056) for assistance.

When logged into SKYLINE’s platform, I click on the QuickBooks application, the window which usually shows all of my company files appears, however there are NO company files there, where can I locate them?

Unless you are having technical issues, your company files will always be located in the Q-Drive. Click on Open/Restore Company file, select Next, go to the drop down and select Q-Drive, there you will see your company file(s). If you are unable to locate them, please feel free to contact us at 646-759-7468.

How do I upgrade to the newest year of QuickBooks?

If you want to upgrade your account or a specific client’s account to the most current year, please send in a request to our Account Services Manager at For further assistance, please contact us at 646-759-7468.

I just switched my version of QuickBooks to a 2017 edition. How do I re-configure my RDP?

  1. Right click your RDP shortcut on your desktop
  2. Click “Edit.”
  3. Delete “udc” from the beginning of the computer field.
  4. Add “2014” after your <server> name (this could say “pro“, “prem“, or “ent” depending on which version of QuickBooks you use).
  5. Click Save.

Can this be used on multiple devices?

Yes, remote access can be set up on multiple desktops, computers, and tablets/mobile devices. However, you can only log into one location/device at a time. 

How many users can you have?

You can have as many or as few Users as you want.

How often are my files backed up?

Every night! Your files will be backed up in our environment, remaining there for up to two weeks.

Do I have access to my local files within the hosted environment?

Yes. In your Remote Desktop you can have access to your local computer’s folders by specifying them during setup.

What is the difference between Citrix and Remote Desktop?

Both platforms have the same overall functionality. The difference is how they are accessed: Citrix can be accessed from your web browser and the Citrix Receiver. SKYLINE has discontinued sales of it Citrix product, and migrated clients to the RDS environment, The Remote Desktop (RDS) is accessible from our web portal, or can be accessed via the Windows client located in the “accessories” folder on Windows OS.

When I try logging into my Remote Desktop, I keep seeing a message that reads:“Credentials are incorrect.” How do I fix this?

Either your username or password is incorrect. Call 646-759-7468 and one of our technicians can reset your password if necessary. Please have your username and other account information available.

How do I add another user to my account?

Please login to our shopping cart using the same email address and password you used when you first created your SKYLINE account.

I’m an Affiliate who needs to access my client’s data, how can I request this information?

Send in a request to SKYLINE’s Account Services Manager at stating that you need access to a specific client’s data. In the email, please include your Name, Username, Company Name and a Direct Number where you are best reached. Also indicate your clients Name, Username, and the Company Name.

When I click on the QuickBooks application, an hourglass appears. The screen does not move past this. How can I fix this?

If you are experiencing this, please contact us at 646-759-7468 for assistance.

Payments & Subscriptions

Is my payment secure?

Yes. SKYLINE Cloud Services is an Verified Merchant.

Online Payment Service


How do I print from the Remote Desktop?

During the Remote Desktop installation, we also setup a 3rd party client known as uniprint to allow access to your local printer. For issues with printing, first consult how to set up your remote desktop and make sure your uniprint is installed. If problems persist, please call 646-759-7468.

How do I print from QuickBooks when accessing the Remote Desktop on an iPad. Is there an app for this?

You would need to download an app to enable you to print from the iPad to any wireless or Airport printer. Options include:

An AirPrint Capable Printer.

AirPrint is an Apple technology built into the iOS to support printing from the iPad. To print directly to a printer from the iPad, the printer itself must be AirPrint capable and on the same wireless network as your iPad. A number of printers from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark have this feature. Apple offers a list of models here.

A Program That Connects to a Printer Through Your Computer.

With this solution, you send the iPad print job to your computer, which then sends it to the connected printer. You install a software program on your computer that processes the print job sent from your iPad. Here are three such programs:

iPad Apps

Here are three apps that support printing from your iPad to wireless printers. The printer must be on the same wireless network as the iPad. These apps can also connect to printers attached to your computer. The computer shares connected printers with the iPad through a helper application.

  • PrintCentral ($8.99) (Mac or Windows) Communicates directly with Wi-Fi printers. You can also install a helper application on your Mac called WePrint (free) that lets it work with other printers. For example, a printer connected to your computer via USB.
  • PrintBureau ($19.99)
  • Printer Pro ($6.99) (Mac or Windows) Can print directly to many Wi-Fi printers. Printer Pro Desktop Software (free) allows you to use printers connected to your Mac or Windows PC. The Printer Pro app communicates with the desktop software to process print jobs.